Spring Sale MIX

Check out our five 7”s for $20 sale! Here is a little mix to help you out with some records you maybe hadn’t heard yet! 

Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing (1974)

Hackamore Brick - Oh! Those Sweet Bananas (1970’s Velvets worship)

Feel Alright - Oahu Ohio

Nervous Talk - Nothing to Say

Gold - Drugs

Lantern - I Don’t Know

Ketamines - All The Colours of Your Heart

David Quinton - Make Up Your Mind

Myelin Sheaths - SPF70

The Pointed Sticks - What Do You Want Me To Do? 

Spring Single Sale - Pick ANY 5! | Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

Mammoth Cave is having a sale: pick any 5 7”s for $20!

  • Mammoth Cave Recording Co. Releases:
  • Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing (first press almost gone!)
  • Nervous Talk - Introductions
  • Feel Alright - Oahu Ohio
  • Gold - Losing Your Hair
  • Grown-Ups - Spare Time
  • Red Mass - Television Personalities
  • The Mandates - Photo in My Wallet (2 left)
  • B.A. Johnston and the Moby Dicks
  • Lantern - I Don’t Know
  • The Gooeys - Scary Black Cherry Nap (under 5 left)
  • Korean Gut - Your Misery, Our Benefit (2 left)
  • Sharp Ends - Broadview Pressure Test (7 left)
  • Ketamines 7” Series #1 (Pleasense Records)
  • Ketamines 7” Series #2 (Leaning Trees)
  • Ketamines 7” Series #3 (Hosehead Records)
  • Ketamines 7” Series #4 (Mint)
  • The Moby Dicks/The Browns - Split 7” (See: Nervous Talk)
  • The Moby Dicks - Spiders (on Southpaw)
  • The Business - Harry May
  • Cockney Rejects - Flares ‘N Slippers
  • Stiv Bators / David Quinton - Make Up Your Mind
  • Hackamore Brick - Oh! Those Sweet Bananas
  • Blitz - All Out Attack
  • Pointed Sticks - What Do You Want Me To Do?
  • Bereaucrats - Feel the Pain
  • Northwest Company - Hard to Cry
  • The Spys - Underground
  • Hot Nasties - Invasion of the Tribbles
  • Filthy Gaze of Europe (Shadowy Men + Fucked Up + The Sadies)
  • Arson - Coho! Coho!
  • Nobunny - Motorhead Mit Mir
  • Sedatives - Teenage Runaway
  • Black Bug - Television Screen
  • Myelin Sheaths - Stackticon (see: Nervous Talk, Ketamines)

If all of this seems french/made up to you, here is a starter pack suggestion that will make you feel very happy inside. Unlike most days.

  1. Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing
  2. Feel Alright - Oahu Ohio
  3. Hackamore Brick - Oh! Those Sweet Bananas
  4. Red Mass - Television Personalities
  5. Sharp Ends - Broadview Pressure Test

Quick Before it Melts: Teledrome

Sadler’s robotic monotone is all icy, detached cool, barking about ex-lovers’ new boyfriends with pitch-perfect emotion-free aloofness. 

Album review: Teledrome's s/t

Advance Praise for Strange Attractor “Back To the Cruel World”

Pitchfork (link) “While the singer’s voice has a quality that could accurately be described as “rat-like”, this ain’t just mindless speed punk.”

Weird Canada (link): “Loud, capricious, and making bad decisions. Mammoth Cave said it’s too bad nobody will listen to this record. Prove them wrong.”

AUX (link): “Writ large, Cruel World makes negativity, alienation, hatred, and paranoia sound deceptively sweet—and it’s almost freeing to follow the band down the wormhole of negative emotions and mental illness.”

Vue (link): “Back to the Cruel World is fresh air in the stolid world of Canadian rock ‘n’ roll.”

Telescope (link): “Devilishly gruesome noise.”

Exclaim (link) : “There are also three songs with “shit” in the title, so there’s that.”

MCR036 / FDH 120 / RES 28

Strange Attractor “Back to the Cruel World”

Pre-order Oct 15 || Delivery by Nov 15

Canadian pre-orders: 40 colour (will go F.A.S.T.)

Mammoth Cave HQ 2.0

Mammoth Cave HQ 2.0

Reminder about your invitation from Paul Lawton


Reminder about your invitation from Paul Lawton


Invitation to connect on LinkedIn


Here is a guide to our bands/related bands playing Sled Island this year. I’m (Paul) gonna be at most of these shows, and this is my last week in Alberta before heading east, and if you are at Sled Island, I would love to say as many fare-wells this week as possible. Mammoth Cave HQ is relocating to Toronto in July (though Evan will hold down the AB connection in Calgary!). Exciting times ahead for us. 

Guest Mix: Can Con Killers

I made a mix for GET BENT!

Vibe out on this.


Ketamines’ Paul Lawton is a busy guy, between touring (dates here), the recent release of Spaced Out, and running Mammoth Cave Recording Co. So it’s pretty neat that he found some time to make us a mix of his current favorite Canadian bands. Download the mix here and check out our other guest mixes here

1. Cousins (Halifax, NS) - Speech - Cousins released this song on a 7” last summer, and I just redescovered it on their brilliant new LP The Palm at the End of the Mind (Saved by Vinyl). Speech was my Summer jam last year, and it is getting me right back in the proverbial mood…

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Sled Island 2012 Lineup

What can we say about this years lineup? It’s as solid as it gets. Not only are THE SPITS, THE REIGNING SOUND, ARCHERS OF LOAF, THE SADIES and so many more of our favourites coming to Calgary, tonnes of Mammoth Cave related bands who we have worked with or WILL BE WORKING WITH (shhh) are coming to town. It’s gonna be the party to end all parties.

Here is the list.

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - It’s no secret that we are doing the reissues of all of the Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet records, starting with Savvy Show Stoppers (Pre-Order is immanent!), but they are only playing TWO reunion shows (Calgary and Toronto on July 14). Period. Filling in for Reid Diamond (my bass-guitar hero, may he rest in peace) is Dallas Good from The Sadies. Epic. If you think you don’t know Shadowy Men, you are wrong - they did all the Kids in the Hall music, and Savvy Show Stoppers, Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham, Sport Fishin’ are three all-time Canadian classics. We couldn’t be more excited!

At the same time that Savvy Show Stoppers comes out, we will be releasing Vancouver’s Needles//PIns debut LP “12:34,” which I guarantee you will get EVERYONE STOKED once it comes out. This record is instant classic. So good. Best band. Best bros and lady-bro.

Also, of special note (to us), this Sled Island will be the LAST EVER shows of Edmonton’s The Wicked Awesomes. They’ve been dying a slow death for YEARS, but this is the final nail and we are pleased to help them go out in style. MCR001!!! Best band. Best “bros”.

Also, we have a new 7” coming VERY SOON from FEEL ALRIGHT. They are gonna blow you away with how great they are. SOOOO GOOOD!!!!


B.A. Johnston

The Ketamines

Korean Gut

Fist City

Haunted Souls

The Allovers (Garrett from The Famines new band…. SOOO KILLER!!!)

The Gooeys



Nu Sensae

Open Channels

Role Mach


Soft Option

Stressed Out

This Hisses



KETAMINES TOURS ACROSS  05/12 Calgary, AB - The Palomino 05/13 Missoula, MT - Zoo City 05/14 Fargo, ND - The Aquarium 05/16 St. Paul, MN - Turf Club 05/17 Iowa City, IA - Gabe’s 05/19 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle (HoZac BlackOut Fest)  05/20 Cleveland, OH - Now That’s Class 05/21 Rochester, NY - The Bug Jar 05/22 New York, NY - Mercury Lounge 05/23 Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio 05/24 Washington, DC - Comet Pizza and Ping Pong 05/25 Montreal, QC - Death House 05/26 Ottawa, ON - TBA 05/27 Kingston, ON - The Mansion  05/28 Toronto, ON - Parts and Labour w/OBN III 05/30 Thunder Bay, ON - Black Pirates Pub * 05/31 Winnipeg, MB - Lo Pub * 06/01 Regina, SK - O’Hanlons * 06/02 Lethbridge, AB - The Slice * 06/05 Nelson, BC - The Royal * 06/06 Kelowna, BC - Grateful Fed * 06/07 Victoria, BC - Logans * 06/08 Nanaimo, BC - The Cambie * 06/09 Vancouver, BC - Pat’s Pub (Music Waste) * 06/10 Abbotsford, BC - TBA * 06/14 Prince George, BC - Third * 06/15 Edmonton, AB - Wunderbar * 06/16 Saskatoon, SK - Mosfest * 06/19 Lethbridge, AB - Sled Island South * 06/21 Calgary, AB - Sled Island (The Area) * 06/22 Calgary, AB - Sled Island (TBA) *  06/23 Calgary, AB - Sled Island (TBA) 06/24 Calgary, AB - Sled Island (TBA) * w/ B.A. Johnston